One Month of Food

Over the weekend Peggy and I prepared one month’s worth of food over two days. We are experimenting to see if this process will actually help us in the long run. We will find out if spending 12-14 hours over two days will help us save time in the long run. It was certainly a long and hectic day preparing for 30 different meals but we had fun.

Since it was our first time we were obviously behind schedule from the beginning but we finished. I couldn’t function after 10pm or 13 hours of work but Peggy hung in there and worked for another 3 hours putting her total at 16 hours in one day. I guess it’s safe to say I was pwned by a pregnant woman. Man, can she ever work.As the day went on however, we (namely I) was getting a bit more irritable because we were far behind schedule and hungry.

The benefit of doing it is that we were able to have friends over tonight because dinner was already prepared. We just invited them over this morning and they were able to make it. It was great and we are hoping that with all the prepared meals we will be able to host more people.

Written on June 4, 2013